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A Little Kindness Makes a Big Difference

Neora was founded with the mission of Making People Better. Our fundamental motivation is to impact the world as broadly and positively as we can through our philanthropic efforts and partnerships.

Individually Taking Responsibility, Collectively Changing the World

The Neora Ripple Foundation is a charitable organisation devoted to making people better on a global basis. The Foundation partners with non-profit organisations and businesses that share its vision to create a ripple effect that occurs naturally through selfless giving. Neora and Brand Partners have generously contributed $5 million to the Ripple program and Neora Ripple Foundation to help improve peoples’ lives and give back to our communities, worldwide.

Imagine kids believing in a brighter future.

At Neora, we believe in the power of one person, mentorship and positive associations. So, in the United States and Canada, we support Big Brothers Big Sisters in its mission to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported, one-to-one relationships.
Big Brothers Big Sisters targets the children who need mentorship most, including those living in single-parent homes, growing up in poverty, and coping with parental incarceration. Neora was proud to receive the organization’s highest corporate honor in 2015 — Big Brothers Big Sisters’ President’s Award.

Imagine stepping up when times get tough.

World Vision is a worldwide humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.
The World Vision partnership aligns with many of Neora’s core values, and encourages participants to dream big and to help others through servant leadership. Through these activities, children learn the importance of development and growth, as well as the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Imagine teens reaching their highest potential.

We’re proud to partner with the SUCCESS Foundation to pursue an initiative of bettering our teens. The SUCCESS Foundation was established to encourage today's teens to become tomorrow's achievers.
In conjunction with SUCCESS Foundation, we’ve held free workshops for thousands of teens across the United States. We’ve also supported the foundation’s goal of donating more than 2 million free copies of SUCCESS for Teens to tomorrow’s achievers.

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